Bolt Cutters: How to choose Bolt Cutters


To cut a padlock, chain, lattice, cable or any solid metal rod, the bolt cutter is the ideal tool. Featuring powerful and sturdy jaws and hardened steel arms, the performance, and hardness of the bolt cutters are proven! The cap on these cutting pliers XXL!

What is the purpose of a bolt cutter

Beyond cut bolts, this kind of large clamp the multiplied arm is a cutting tool useful in construction as the workshop. Allowing manual cutting of round and solid metal parts of the medium section, about 16 mm maximum, the bolt cutter is mainly used:

  • in the building to cut lattices and other twisted irons;
  • in ironwork for cutting metal bars;
  • electricity to cut large diameter electrical cables;
  • in various use to force a padlock, a chain etc.

A bolt cutter is unsuitable for cutting tubes – crushing – and it is not cut without goggles of alloys such as stainless steel or the HSS tools(drills and bits) because these metals may the pressure burst.

How to determine the length of a bolt cutter

Although gear reduction is also performed at the jaws, the length of the bolt cutter arms influences the section of the workpiece that they are capable of cutting and forces it to produce:

  • a section of 5 mm is cut with arms of a length of about 300 mm;
  • a section of 10 mm is cut with arms of a length of 450 to 800 mm;

Any section above 10 mm is often the case of bolt cutters with arms over 900 mm.

Qualities of bolt cutters

The alloy of which the jaws of a bolt cutter are made is the answer to the difference in price.

A cutter bolt entry can see his jaws deform under the action of pressure. The alloys of better qualities are heat-treated and hardened(mainly alloys associating molybdenum chromium). Depending on the model. The jaws can also be changed in case of pronounced wear and their adjustment is simple and precise.

Of forged arms offer less bending when cutting and provide ease of use as the use of ergonomic handles.

The hardness of the jaws is indicative of their good quality and their resistance to deformation at such pressures. The hardness is expressed in kg / mm²; remember that the higher the value, the better your bolt cutter.

Tips of choice

If it is to buy a first price bolt cutter, prefer the acquisition of a 115mm grinder; at least you’ll be sure to sever the bolt or bar that resists.

Prefer a model of a recognized brand if you are professional, you can replace the jaws as needed. In addition, you will cut your parts without seeing the jaws of your bolt cutter deform!

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