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Choose a phone, flexo or full shower set


The shower phone is an easy element to replace and maintain, as it can be handled without any difficulty. Changing it for a new one can give a different touch to your bathroom. If you also choose a model with massage, it will relieve you of the stresses of the day at a very low cost.

The shower accessory is made up of several parts: the telephone, which is the handle through which the water flows; the flexo, which is the tube that carries the water to the phone; and the support or bar, which is where the phone is fixed to shower without having to hold it with the hand.

Types of telephone depending on their characteristics

Number of jets or functions:

Shower phones can have from one jet to five, the difference between these will be the intensity with which the water comes out or if they incorporate the massage option. The most economical are those of a single jet of water, as the performance increases, its price also increases.


There are shower phones of different shapes and sizes. The most common are the Square and round ones. The squares are more current and will give a modern touch to your bathroom. The round ones are more classic, but also with very current designs. The choice will depend on personal tastes and budget.

Phones child:

To make the bathroom a game for the little ones in the house, there are shower phones with frog or Dragon shapes. They’ll definitely love it.


The size of the shower phone affects the amount of water it will consume and brings a comforting feeling to the shower. Today, large telephones are fashionable, incorporating water-saving systems with which you can consume almost as much as with the old shower.

Types of flexo

Flexos can be found from 1.25 meters long to 2 meters long. In the election, the height of family members must be taken into account. It is measured from where the flexo comes out in the tap connection to the head of the highest person in the House. The most common ones are from 1.60 to 2 meters because when leaving the tap and this being at half height, they guarantee to be able to reach any height.

Apart from the measurement, you can choose metal, metal flexos coated with plastic or plastic completely. The most recommended are the plastic-coated metal for its durability and comfort.

Types of shower set

Complete shower set:

You can buy shower set that already include the phone, flexo, support or bar and can even carry a soap dish. The choice of type of support depends on the needs of each one, then you will see what you can find in the market.

Shower set with support:

They include telephone, with one or more positions, and flexo. You can choose between different length and support measures.

Shower set with bar:

The bar replaces the support in the shower set and offers the possibility to leave the phone at different heights, adapting the height of the shower for each member of the family. You can choose between different sizes of length on the bar and flexo, the most common ones on the bar are from 65 to 90 cm and in the flexo from 1.60 to 2 meters. Another option is the built-in soap dish, fixed on the same bar, allows you to always have the soap at hand. As in the previous case, the phone may be of one or more positions.

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