Maintenance of a Gasoline Generator


How to do the maintenance of an electric gasoline generator well? More than one client has asked us how to do it, so next we will explain the tricks and the tips that you should follow to make a good maintenance of a gasoline generator.

What is and how an electric gasoline generator works?

The electric gasoline generator is one of the most demanded devices on the market due to its capacity to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy without having to be plugged into the power.

Tricks to make good maintenance of your gasoline generator

Use the right fuel:

What is better gasoline 95 or gasoline 98? What differences does it have?

The main difference is its octane rating. The higher the octane number, the more compression it will have and this will offer more power. Another difference is that 98 is more expensive than gasoline 95.

For an electric gasoline generator it is advisable to use 95 gasoline because it does not dry out or damage the engine, it is cheaper and provides an optimal performance.

Gasoline generators : it is important to  know the recommendations of the manufacturers.

Cleaning and maintenance of filters

Many generators do not have a gas filter and it is advisable to enter one manually and change it every 6 months except if you use it a few times a week.

To clean the filter you have to remove it from the equipment and wash it with non-abrasive detergent and let it dry.

To re-insert it you have to lubricate with a little oil.

Electric gasoline generators also have an air filter. But you do not have a specific time to change it, everything will depend on where you use it, but the recommended time is every 6 months. But if the concentration of dust or other external particles is very high, it should be inspected and changed more frequently.

Cleaning the spark plug

This element is very important because if the spark plug is dirty it affects the operation of the electric gasoline generator. That’s why it’s important that the spark plug is as clean as possible.

A spark plug damaged or in poor condition causes the generator to not work at the expected performance.

Replace the oil regularly

Oil is one of the most important elements because if it is dirty it will not be able to refrigerate or lubricate well . This is essential for the electric generator to work properly. So the oil should always be at the level recommended by the manufacturer and ensure that it is as clean as possible.


For all those generators that consist of electric start it is very important that they check the state of the battery and the terminals. Since periodically they must greased to avoid that they sulfaten and begin to damage the interior of the battery.

Sound and Gas outlet

Another important thing for the maintenance of the electric gasoline generator is to listen to the sound of the engine. This way you will know if there is any mechanical problem. It is also good to observe the gas output to know if there is too much oil in the engine.

There are 3 types of smoke in a gasoline electric generator:

Black smoke: Caused by unburned carbon particles, also indicates that combustion is inefficient .

Blue Smoke: It can indicate a serious problem since it indicates to us that there is oil in the combustion. That is to say that there is an oil leak that has gone to the combustion chamber.

White smoke: It indicates that there is water vapor when leaving the exhaust or another option is that the fuel has not been properly burned. That is to say that there is a possible problem in the injection system.


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