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How to choose a bidet?


The bidet is an accessory that together with the toilet completes the bathroom unit. Therefore, the selection of the bidet model is not an isolated decision but must maintain a certain harmony with the already existing environment. If you take into account the manufacturer and model chosen for the toilet and follow the same line for the bidet you can have an integrated bathroom. It is important to try to reconcile functionality with design.

When choosing, don’t forget to consider some aspects:

Shape and size

The space available in the bathroom will condition the choice of the new bidet model. Its installation should allow a comfortable use. It is especially important that you have space around you and that the nearby doors can be opened and closed comfortably.

The bidet can have two forms: round or square. Around bidet is shorter and easier to install if there is little room on the front. On the other hand, a square bidet, having a more elongated shape, allows gaining space on the sides.

Bidet types

Depending on their fixation, there are compact or suspended soil bidets.

1. Floor bidet

The floor bidet is installed on the floor and both the Siphon and the water inputs to the tap are right behind. Water connections are visible as there is a space between the bidet and the wall. The replacement of this type of bidet is simple and does not require work.

2. Compact floor bidet

The compact floor bidet is attached to the wall and the water and siphon sockets are inside the same body of the bidet. The result is a cleaner and minimalist finish. The replacement of this type of bidet is simple and does not require work.

3. Suspended bidet

The suspended bidet is hanging on the wall. All connections, both water inlet and drainage, remain inside the bidet body. The result is a complete integration of the bidet with the bathroom and greater cleanliness.

Its replacement requires work to properly fix it to the wall, to place the inlet system, and it may even be necessary to move the water sockets to remain inside the bidet body.

Types of lids

The lid of a bidet is fixed by hinges that allow it to be opened and closed completely. Can be of different types:

1. Specific cap

Each bidet model has a cap that corresponds to it and fits perfectly. The hinges that hold it can be made of stainless steel, guarantee greater durability, or plastic.

2. Cushioned drop cap

This type of lid has the same function as the previous one, but the opening hinges have a damping system that allows the lid to be closed slowly without the need to hold it.

3. Cover universal

It adapts to any type of bidet with a hinge system that allows it to be adjusted in width. If you want to opt for it you have to take into account the form of the bidet: there are models with round or square forms. Plastic hinges, stainless steel or cushioned lids can be found.

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