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How to choose a pool ladder


The pool ladder is an essential element in both construction pools and large and medium-sized removable pools: it provides comfort and security when entering and leaving the water. There is a wide variety of stairs, depending on the shape, the material from which it is made and the type of steps.

Types of pool ladder

Depending on your swimming pool you will need one type or another of the ladder, here are the main differences.

Ladder for work / buried pool: this type of ladder is designed to be attached directly to the concrete at the edge of the pool. It only has stepped on one side and is usually made of stainless steel.

Stairway for raised removable swimming pool: this staircase is characterized by being symmetrical and having a base on which it rests. It has steps on both sides since it has to be raised and lowered to pass over the pool, both in and out of it.

Pool ladder materials

The material with which the ladder is manufactured will affect the quality and price of the ladder. You can find different price ranges on the market.

Stainless steel: the stainless steel stairs are the highest quality, so it is the material used for the stairs that are submerged. There are different qualities of stainless steel, which will directly affect your price.

Galvanized steel: these types of stairs usually have a limited life. The treatment received by steel does not guarantee that oxidation can be avoided and over the years it deteriorates.

Lacquered steel: these are the cheapest stairs. A lacquer imprint is applied to the steel to protect it from water. This treatment deteriorates rapidly and the ladder is likely to have to be replaced after two or three years.

Type of steps

The steps complete the choice of the ladder for swimming pool, two factors must be taken into account: the quality and the number of steps.

Stainless steel steps: these are the highest quality steps. Its duration is very high and stainless steel can be of different qualities. This type of step incorporates anti-slip accessories for greater comfort and safety.

Plastic steps: they are the most economical solution to have a ladder at an affordable price.

Safety platform: some models of stairs for an elevated swimming pool incorporate a safety platform. This platform is the top step that joins the two sides of the ladder so that the step from the climb to the descent is more comfortable and safe.

If you want to add a safety bonus or look for pool ladders for the elderly, easily accessible pool ladders are ideal for people who are doing rehabilitation but do not require elevators. The steps are non-slip and have a special width for comfort.

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