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How to use a Floor Scraper


You might think that using a chemical floor scraper to remove the finish from your floor prevents the need for using mechanical equipment. That’s not the case. The soil scraper used in conjunction with a soil scraper makes removal of the soil surface quick. The use of the chemical accelerates the process by weakening the surface of the surface. It also prevents the need for costly vacuum the floor with a vacuum cleaner and then scrub the floor with a bucket of clean water and a mop. Remove any residue from the ground before starting. Let the soil dry.

Fill a bucket about halfway with the bottom scraper. In some cases, you need to dilute the stripper with water. Follow the instructions on the label of the stripper.

Place the stripper on the ground with a mop and leave on the ground for five to seven minutes. In some cases, the manufacturer recommends a longer or shorter duration. Follow their instructions. Start with a 6-foot by 6-foot section of the floor in the corner farthest from the door.

Attach a Hi-Pro or black bottom plate to your floor leveler. You can rent strippers from most DIY home improvement centers. The procedure for securing the pad differs depending on the model of the tillage machine used. Follow the instructions that came with the flooring removal machine or ask the seller who leased the machine to you.

Scrape the scraper with the floor scraper until the floor looks very dull. Stop if you see sawdust. That means you grind into the wood.

Suck the remaining stripper and dust with a wet/dry vacuum.

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