How to Use electric sheet metal shears?


Electric Sheet Metal Shears

The electric sheet metal shears are the tool of choice when used frequently and used professionally. Plates can be cut with powerful shears without much effort. The electric sheet metal shears facilitate the work when cutting different types of the sheet. Efficiency is also higher. Compared to manual metal shears, the user does the same job in less time.

Fields of application electrical sheet metal shears

The advantageous tools are found in many craft Metalworking Companies. In dry and body construction, often plates have to be separated. Often do-it-yourselfers are faced with the task of cutting trapezoidal sheets or corrugated sheets to the right level.

The electric sheet metal shear is an advantageous tool in these activities. The machine cuts the Material quickly, cleanly and without much effort. For different applications, there are also different models of electric sheet metal shears. These differ in function and quality, and they are also used in many ways.

  1. Drywall
  2. Body shop
  3. Metal processing
  4. Facade protection
  5. Hobby workshop

The appropriate type of device

The electric slotted shear is often used when high cutting speeds are required for shredding the workpiece. This model is curving – in addition to straight lines, the user can also perform curved cuts. The high cutting performance of this type of shears is achieved by the oscillating cutting knife, which moves quickly up and down.

The electrical feed-through shear must not be included in any tool case for sheet metal processing. The electric shears are predestined for long, straight cuts through the complete workpiece. For many operations in sheet metal working, holes with narrow radii have to be cut into the rolled Material. The electric metal shear in this version cuts the cutouts, which are intended for fastening screws, for example, professionally in the sheet metal.

If very small and clean cut radii need to be cut into the semi-finished product, the figurine scissors is the suitable tool for the Craftsman.

The electric metal shears can also edit the thickness of plates, Burr-free cutting. The metal nibs are the ideal aids for these activities. They provide good results in complex cutting operations. Round, wavy or curved cuts can be carried out efficiently with this device. The electric sheet metal shears are preferably used in metal processing, for work in the vehicle area or also in the home workshop.

Metal knobbers differ in function from other metal shears. The device motor places a movable punch in a stroke movement. Piece by piece, the sheet metal is punched out from the stamp. This mode of operation allows the separation of high material thicknesses. The burr-free cutting edges are another advantage to be mentioned in this method of sheet metal processing.

Quality features electric sheet metal shears

When choosing the right electrical shears, criteria such as performance, handiness and design play a key role. During the performance of the suitable electrical device is dependent on the cutting speed and the thickness of the material to be separated, the compact design and the easy handling of the scissors for demanding and long-term operations of high importance. If the device has a compact and short head, drawings and cutting templates can be easily seen on the component.

The correct use

The electric metal shears can be used in a wide range of plumbing applications. The plumber using the electric metal shears for Cutting sheet metal, notching or Shortening of tubes. In addition to electric shears, which are specially designed for the production of round holes, the installer also uses electric shears. Of the Do-It-Yourself models, the plumber sheet metal shears differ mainly due to their high strength.

Burr-free cuts with the professional shears through thick sheets of metal. The tools for the plumber are designed for a long service life. They are heavier than the Do-It-Yourself models and remain sharp for a long time.

With the electric shears for the bodywork, vehicle components can be cut efficiently for complete replacement or repair purposes. The body builder prepares with the electric scissors mounting plates or fenders for the construction components.

Special models cut rusted sheet metal parts so that they can be welded with new ones. The electrically operated sheet metal shear is an indispensable aid in the restoration of vintage cars or the adaptation of special sheets.

In the DIY sector, the compact models of sheet metal shears are preferred. In the various activities of the hobby helicopter, almost all kinds of sheet metal scissors come at your expense. With the model designed for the production of round holes, the do-it-yourselfer produces perforated fenders for the exterior facades of various buildings.

In the workshop of the hobby helicopter, you will find an electric Knabber for the bodywork, if fenders must be replaced quickly once on the vehicle. For do-it-yourselfers, an electric sheet-metal shear is suitable, which can be sharpened.

Safety Electric Scissors

The current-operated sheet metal shears quickly and without much effort separates workpieces with different material thicknesses. When purchasing a sheet-metal separation product, quality and safety are of high importance. A safety mark on the selected product confirms the passed safety and functional test by an independent inspection body.

A protective guard under the handle of the device reduces the risk of hand injury. Electrically operated sheet metal shears are often used permanently. In order to prevent the Motor from overheating and to be destroyed by excessive heat generation, the circuit breaker preemptively fulfils its function and switches off the Motor. If you buy an electric sheet-metal shears, you should also pay attention to a sufficient protective insulation. If the sheet metal shears bear the mark for tested safety, parts under voltage cannot be touched unintentionally.

Important features of an effective electric sheet metal shear

  1. The metal shear convinces with good workmanship. It is robust, durable and has a high level of safety.
  2. The product is easy to handle and easy to operate. The scissors score with the precision in carrying out the various activities.
  3. The electric scissors are low-maintenance. The spare parts can be easily replaced.
  4. Good quality and high-quality materials make the electric Scissors a permanent torch at work.
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