Plumb Line: tips for using it

plubm line

The plumb line is an essential element for the realization of renovation or manufacturing work. It allows you to check the verticality of walls, carpentry, tiling, furniture made. It consists of a wire, at the end of which hangs a lead. If you want to make one, here’s how to make it and how to use it properly.

The different types of plumb line

There are different types of plumb line. The mason’s plumb line consists of a wire, a weighted weight, and a registration square. The plumb line of the upholsterer, it is formed of a tube-shaped weight with a pointed tip, cone-shaped. The flat plumb line, which has better stability, is very precise. It makes it easy to find landmarks during masonry tasks.

How to use it?

With the bricklayer rule, the plumb line is one of the useful pieces, which is part of the mason’s tools. To check the verticality of support, hold your wire securely by its end, grazing the wall, then drop the weight of the ballast down. To check the horizontality of a wall, place a square at the intersection of the plumb line and the top end of the wall row. The corner should form a 90 ° angle.

How to make it yourself?

Making a plumb line requires no effort and few things. You can make one with string, to which you will hang a bolt and you’re done. You can now use your plumb line. Another way to do this is to always hang a string to a ring, to which you will hang several old keys that you no longer use, so as to obtain a heavy mass. You can also use your bunch of keys to troubleshooting, but only if it is heavy too.

Useful info

There is also the laser plummet which is not much used by DIYers. It is much more used by the professionals, for big works of the building. It is essential for large structures. The vertical of the center of gravity must pass through the base of support of the object towards the center of the earth, to have balanced support.

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