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Pool vacuum: the ideal for small and ginning pools


There is no need to have a large swimming pool where you can cool off during the summer. Inflatable swimming pools for infants and young children, the larger removable pools and the elevated spa or jacuzzi type also provide hours of fun and relaxation.

Maintaining them in the right way is necessary to ensure the good durability of the product and the well-being of those who use it, but it is also an exercise of sustainability. However small the pool may be, emptying it every little in order to clean it is not typical of a responsible consumer, even if it is a procedure that is free of charge in the face of the idea of purchasing a cleaning bag.

A quick and effective cleaning partner is the swimming pool vacuum cleaner, for which detailed information is provided below.

Basic characteristics of a pool vacuum cleaner

Using the concept of a pool vacuum cleaner is a good idea for the product, which works as a domestic vacuum cleaner, but inside the pool. This definition helps to identify it against other more complex cleaners.

It is, first of all, a manual vacuum cleaner, which requires the action of the user for its performance. This must be moved around the bottom slowly, as they are not usually very powerful enough to suck out of a quick pass.

It works autonomously in that it does not need a connection to the filtration and purification system of the pool. It can work with batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries, among others, that are connected with a socket plug.

They are, of course, general characteristics that can vary model by model. In addition to the differences between them, there is a broad concept in which more sophisticated models can also be included, but which would fit into the more advanced electrical robots.

Thus, according to the vacuum cleaner we are talking about, it can include standard accessories such as a bag, handle or pole for handling, different nozzles…

What is a vacuum cleaner for?

What makes a vacuum cleaner for swimming pools is to brush and suck the dirt from the bottom exclusively, that is, it does not work on the walls.

Since it does not need connection to the filtration system of the pool, they work in those that do not incorporate it, such as the removable ones , or that, if they have it, show a performance that is too low for other models.

To this last is added the fact that these are simpler, basic models . They are not comparable with robot cleaners , hydraulic cleaners and even manuals for large pools.

Depending on the model, the pool vacuum can also be a perfect complement to the more complex pool cleaners, presenting an ideal behavior in stairs, corners, waterline and in those points of the glass in which a larger or less manageable pool cleaner does not arrive.

Purchase Guide: How to choose?

We think you should consider these parameters when choosing your perfect vacuum cleaner.


A priori, the vacuum cleaner is suitable for very small swimming pools. However, its capacity may vary substantially from model to model, so it is better to put it in relation to the characteristics of the pool before purchasing.


Different capacities can mean different uses. There are vacuum cleaners that behave better in small pools for children, others that are especially suitable for jacuzzis and spas, others that are the perfect complement for a large pool because they are used more thoroughly in corners or stairs… be clear what you want yours for and acquire one accordingly.


This is another factor to consider, especially in battery-powered models.


It concerns the ergonomics of the product. There are models that have a short handle, similar to the usual household vacuum cleaners, that can be enough in small and shallow pools, such as children’s inflatable. In other cases, a vacuum cleaner will be needed that is provided or can be fitted with a pole.


The pool vacuum cleaner is by definition economical, but for something else you can do with a more complete model, which walks between the vacuum cleaner and the robot cleaner. It will depend, of course, on your budget and your needs.

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