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How many types of screwdrivers do you know?

Perhaps it is the most important tool in a house. It helps us from putting a lamp on the roof to bolting the chair to the beach. There are different types of tips, sizes, and technology in their manufacture. For some it will seem that because it is such a simple tool there is not much to know, however, we will try to explain the types that exist.

What is a good screwdriver?

Well, that screwdriver that unscrews and screws, but at the same time must be suitable for the screws. Your comfort must be total so as not to spoil our hands.

These are the main types of screwdrivers:

1. Precision screwdrivers,

2. T-handle (T-handle)

3. Insulated (for electrical work)

3. The multi-point, chisel type (chisel driver)

4. Ratchet type

5. Offset type

Depending on the type of screw, we also give the name to the screwdriver, or rather to the tip of the screwdriver. The main types of tips are:

• The star (Phillips)

• The planes (slotted).

In addition, there are other types of points such as crosspoint, torx, ballpoint, square, tri-wing, nut, etc.

What differentiates a good screwdriver from a bad one is the technology and the material used so that the tip has good support on the screw and that it does not deform due to the torque force exerted. We have all seen how a screwdriver of poor quality has been overcome by a screw that is very hard to move or also a screwdriver that has damaged a screw (often influences the quality of the material of the screw).

In this way of idea, the alloy of the steel/chromium material (the chromium gives it the silver-colored sheen) used for its construction is of great importance. Many “economic” screwdrivers do not have a suitable alloy and often are not built with steel. Another very important detail in a good screwdriver is the technology used in the handle; In theory the bigger the handle, the greater torque we will get; so the goal of serious companies that are dedicated to creating the best screwdrivers is to design a handle that is ergonomic (not to tire the hand) and offer the highest possible torque.

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