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Small electric generators: what are their applications?


It is possible that buying a small electric generator represents a precise and accurate solution to meet your energy needs in very specific cases, where an electrical failure has occurred. But in order to make the most of the benefits of this type of equipment, it is best to know the uses you can give it and to know the amount of energy it must produce for your peace of mind.

Applications you can give to small electric generators

One of the great advantages of this type of device is the possibility to take it anywhere as they are light and you can install them in multiple places within the home, company or office, in restaurants, intimate concerts and in any other outdoor activity.

If we had the need to organize them into a list, the uses would be:

  1. Emergency power source: if there is a failure in the service supply, you can start your equipment. This point applies to natural catastrophes such as storms or waves of cold or heat, are phenomena that we cannot predict but prepare for.
  2. Support equipment: it is increasingly common to see them in solar panel plants as a starting equipment when the main plate battery level is very low. This situation may be motivated by high household consumption or because the amount of solar energy needed could not be collected, as in cloudy days.
  3. Places where there is no electricity supply: there are many places where the main electricity cables have not been installed so they are isolated from this service. Having a small electric generator means having electricity in villages or remote areas of the city, spaces intended for camping, among others.
  4. Inside sea boats: this is another situation in which it is complicated to have electricity, especially when you are thousands of kilometers from the shore. With a small electrical generator this detail would be solved.
  5. In workshops and warehouses: it is very likely that machines demanding large amounts of electrical energy will be used frequently in these spaces, and if several of them are connected to the same circuit, it could create an overload and affect the entire installation. To avoid this, we recommend the use of an electric generator, so that the energy levels can be maintained and the work can continue without major setbacks.
  6. For freelancers: we cannot fail to mention all professionals who work from home if they depend entirely on the electrical service to be able to serve their customers. Nor can we forget people who are technicians and repair equipment at home, for them it can be very useful to have equipment that produces electricity.

All the applications mentioned above go hand in hand with the tranquility, security and confidence of being able to turn on the electrical equipment you need when there is no electricity, which considerably improves your quality of life and labor productivity, not counting the comfort provided by the various appliances.

As a final tip, calculate the amount of electricity you need before you buy your portable electric generator, so you know how many equipment can be kept on at the same time.

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