All about the Water Solenoid Valve

water solenoid valve

The water solenoid valve is commonly used in gardening. It is a mechanical servo which is linked to a programmer. This apparatus can release a flow of water according to a measured choice. Let’s go a little further in the explanation.

The functions of the solenoid valve

The solenoid valve is a kind of electrically controlled valve. It is often used in the field of liquids and gases. The solenoid valve is generally composed of two parts. The first consists mainly of a coil of a tube and a cylinder head and the second of a body comprising connection ports closed by a valve. The opening and closing of the solenoid valve are related to the position of the central core which is displaced according to the magnetic effect of the coil.

The valve is controlled by an electric current through an electromagnet or for more expensive models, by an electric motor controlled by a DC power supply. The solenoid valves are directly connected to the main gas valve. In the case of a two-port valve, the flow is switched on or off.

In the case of a three-way valve. The output is switched between the two output ports.

Solenoid valves are frequently used as control elements in the fluid fields. Their tasks are to cut, to release a dose, or to distribute and mix the liquids. They are present in many fields.

Solenoid valves are usually molded in a high-strength plastic and are generally compact and durable.

Where do we find solenoid valves?

Solenoid valves are generally found in the food or pharmaceutical industry, which is able to release a dose of liquid at a specific time. At the domestic level, the solenoid valve is mainly found in washing machines as well as in dishwashers. It is also found in the coffee machine to know everything about the water solenoid valve. Today, we find the solenoid valve in a very particular area, that of safety, which is directly connected to the gas valve and coupled with a smoke detector which, at the slightest smoke or gas smell suspicious, the gas is cut off automatically. It can also be connected to the main water circuit if there is flood detection.

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